Change Management of projects

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A resource on Project Change Management

(meaning the management of changes to scope of work, schedule, cost, design basis or baseline in large projects*).

The concepts are explained here - including the what, when, how and why of managing change in projects.

Confused about the terms used? - there are a lot of them in use, and we define them.

Be in no doubt - having an effective change control process can have a dramatic effect on the cost, schedule and quality of a project. This can make a difference of many millions of dollars, so invest at the start to ensure you have the process, tools and resources in place.

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This is a complex process, and usually some kind of IT system is used as a tool. There are quite a few of these tools - each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Defining the process and choosing, implementing and using the tool requires expertise and experience.

* By 'large project' we typically mean a development, construction or demolition project involving multiple main contractors that will run for up to several years and cost from tens of millions of dollars up to many billions of dollars. Megaprojects have a budget over one billion dollars.

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