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IT system Tools used for Project Change Management

The need for an IT tool should be assessed based on the needs of the project:
- If you have a few people involved in the process who either work in the same place or have easy access to the same files on a network then you may just need to agree on a process and the standard forms to use;
- If you have multiple sites and/or multiple organisations, or if you want your contractors to have some access into the change process, then it is very likely that you need to have an IT tool that can be accessed more widely.

There are many IT tools on the market, of variable quality and designed for somewhat variable purposes.  It is also possible to customize some of these systems – the system should fit YOUR process, not the other way around.

BEWARE – some of the major vendors offer solutions that are not really usable over the internet without extensive and expensive customization.
Choosing and/or customizing an IT tool is a very important decision – make sure that it is made with a full understanding of the project and the project organization – and with knowledge and experience of the process.

You can find out more about the special terms used in project change management, and about the concepts involved on this site.
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This article was written by John Thropp and first published in February 2019.