Concepts of Change Management

HOW to Manage Change

There needs to be a clearly-defined process – both for internal change proposals and for proposals/VORs from contractors.

The process needs to be supported by a way to document what is done. For all but the smallest, simplest projects this will mean having some kind of IT system tool that can be accessed by all the necessary people – and no one else!

The details of the process will vary  (it should match the project and the structures of the organization that is managing the project, not the other way around) but basically:
- A proposal will be received, and registered;
- The proposal will be evaluated;
- A recommendation and/or decision will be made by the project group – possibly passed on to another management group;
- The decision will be implemented.

Of course there is much more to it than that – the devil really IS in the detail – and that is why experience and expertise is needed to make sure that the process works effectively.