Change Management Terms

Definition of Variation Order Request (VOR)

The precise meaning of Variation Order Request will depend on the relevant contract, but a variation order request is sent by a contractor to their client when they think that they are required to do extra work that is not covered by the contract, or where they think that they are not able to complete the work under the terms of the contract.
This might be because of new or unexpected requirements, or new information that affects the design or scope of work.

The contractor may submit an estimate to Company, either immediately, or if requested.

If the client (Company) approves the VOR - either in its original form, or modified - then a Variation Order (VO) will be issued by Company to the Contractor.
If the client does not agree that a variation exists then a DVO - Disputed Variation Order notice will be issued.

Under the terms of many contracts, a VOR must be issued ‘without undue delay’, or the contractor loses the right to claim that the work is a variation - see DVO