Change Management Terms

Definition of Project Baseline

The project baseline is the scope, cost and schedule of the project.

Early in a project this is not always clearly defined (there may be multiple concepts being considered) but from early in the FEED phase – when the concept has been defined -  it is possible to begin to build a baseline, which should be clearly-defined in detail by the time a project is sanctioned to go ahead – at DG3 and the start of the execute phase of the project, when contracts are awarded to carry out the work.

The baseline will usually be periodically updated – every 6 or 12 months for example – to take into account changes that have been implemented – and to make sure that the project team are working to a valid baseline, and that any changes are considered relative to that baseline.

Until a detailed, valid baseline has been developed, it is not easy or meaningful to implement a change management process – you have to have something to measure change against - find out more about WHEN to start managing change.

The project cost baseline includes a contingency reserve, but does NOT include the management reserve.