Change Management Terms

Definition of Change Manager

The change manager is the person responsible for ensuring that the change management process is defined, implemented, functioning and understood by other members of the project team.  This implies a responsibility for documentation and training towards the project team and possibly also towards contractors or other external stakeholders.

He/she is also responsible for ensuring that there is an updated register of change proposals that can be accessed by the project manager, other key project stakeholders, and other project members as necessary.

The change manager will typically chair the change board, although this might be done by a change coordinator.

When the project manager or project control manager wants to know anything about changes, the change manager should be able to give an answer – or at least refer them to the place where the answer can be found.

The change manager should be aware of changes that might affect interfaces in the project, and should be informed about interface issues that could lead to change.

The change manager might belong to a specialised group of project management process professionals; or be part of the project control group; or be part of the engineering/technical group within the project.